Many visitors to Thailand have questions about some of the interesting behavior they see in Thailand. Let’s talk about some of these topics today.

1)…want to have white skin?

Because dark skin is more common among Thai people, they are usually obsessed with lighter skin. “White skin” is a status symbol in Thailand, associated with countries like South Korea. Darker skin is looked down on by many Thais, and associated with being poor. Whitening products for both the face and body are very popular in Thailand.



2)…always put sweet condensed milk in drinks?

Thai people love sugar and anything sweet, so in almost every kind of drink, they put sweet condensed milk after already adding sugar, to make it even sweeter and creamier. So if you don’t like your coffee too sweet, don’t forget to say no sugar when you order coffee.




3)… love nose jobs?

Surgery is not seen as unusual in Thailand, more like going to the dentist or doing your hair. It is common for university and even some high school graduates to get nose jobs or eye surgery to get a leg up in the job search. Like any culture, rare things are seen as beautiful, so big noses and other Western features are popular here.

4)…walk like zombies?

In Thailand, people are very chill, so we walk, and do everything very slow. You might notice that people walking in the street or subway do not focus very hard on the direction they are going. They also block the escalators, especially couples and groups. Look out or you might bump into somebody!

5)…give wrong directions?

Every time you need to ask directions, it might be best to figure it out by yourself. When you ask Thai people for directions, half the time, even if they don’t know the way or cannot explain it in English, they will point you in a completely wrong direction. So you might want to ask two or three people and take the average of what they tell you!


6)…never say “I don’t know” in the store?

Every time that I go to a store and ask for something that I can’t find, they always say very confidently, “Don’t have!” even if they don’t actually know what the thing is, or if it is something that is definitely in the store but difficult to find. They will never say “I don’t know what that is.” Also, beware of asking too many questions about the product… they could get annoyed at you!


7)… feel very happy if you speak Thai with them?

Even you just say “Hi” in Thai, they will be very happy to hear you trying to use their language. So make sure to practice some Thai before you come!

8)…always have somewhere to eat?

There are many restaurants open 24/7, especially in Bangkok, with great made-to-order food. You will never go hungry in Thailand!


Of course, not everyone in Thailand is like this! These are just some funny impressions I’ve gotten and opinions from visitors, and I like to think, even the weird quirks can add to the charm. I’d love to hear your opinions too!

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