Today, I’m gonna talk about noodles. Thailand has a lot of types of noodles. You might feel intimidated by all of the different types, right? In this article, I’m going to help you navigate the wide world of Thai noodles.


1. Sen Yai: wide, thick rice noodles. Often used in pad see aw (here is recipe for pad see aw) 

2. Ba Mee: the egg wheat noodles. so they appear to be yellow, either by food coloring or by egg yolk.

3. Sen Mee: the rice vermicelli. This is a very very thin, thin then Sen lek, The shape like angels hair.

4. Mama: it’s like mama ramen shape very curly.

5. Woon Sen: or glass noddle made from mung bean flour, is very clear and slippery.

6. Sen Lek: thin rice noodles about the shape and thickness of linguini.











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