Thailand Don’ts                                                                              

Top 5 things not to do in Thailand!

  1. Touch someone’s head: you shouldn’t touch or put things over people’s heads.
  2. Use your feet: Thai people respect hierarchy, and this is symbolized by elevation. Feet are the lowest part of the body, so it’s very rude if you do anything with your feet except for walking. Never use your feet to point to something, or put them on the table.
  3. Wear your shoes: always take your shoes off before entering people’s houses. Thai people don’t wear shoes at home.
  4. Say anything negative about the royal family: Most people love the king. If you say something bad about the king, people will hate you. You can also go to jail.
  5. Lose your cool: Thai people do things at a slow pace, and you must control yourself and keep your cool, even if you are in a hurry. If you get impatient or raise your voice at people, the result will be even worse service than to begin with.


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